How To Verify Facebook Business Page Request– 2017

Today, we are going to discuss how to verify Facebook business page request. As in our daily life we see that a lot of people are getting modern day by day as same as time passes through and there is a major role of internet behind this which makes them socially active and many of them running their business offline and keep promoting it online to get more audience or customer to use their products & services.  Where Facebook stands at no. 1 position in the social media platform which is more easy and risk free to reach targeted users, then finally we go on Facebook and create a page of our products and services. Here the main question arises in our minds by seeing others verified Facebook business page why my page is not verified (Facebook blue tick with page name). how to get verify my Facebook page?

Is Verification depend on Page Category ?

Facebook pages are of various categories. It does not matter if you change your page category from settings will also change your page type. Just take an example if our Safe Tricks fans currently in the category of Internet Website but we can change it into Brand or celebrity. Now the question comes out, will Facebook treat my page like brand or celebrity ? But in actual it not the case. Just by changing your page category will not change your page behavior and not lets you to get verified. If your page is about celebrity and you chosen a wrong one in that condition you are seeking for verification then it will not work for you. In short,

Page Category Should always matches with Page Type To verify Facebook Business Page

So if your page is just a community page and by changing its category will not results page verification.

Facebook Accepts only pages of these categories.

  • Celebrities.
  • Journalists.Government Officials.
  • Popular Brand or Businesses.

Method To Submit Request For verify Facebook Business Page.

Automatic Process.
Facebook verify pages automatically only in that condition if the page is quite popular or about any famous thing. Big celebrities, brand and other pages automatically get verification request because they are famous.
But for those who are not so famous at this time or Facebook was unable to find and select them for verification then they provides some setting which help pages to get verification. In short, if your Facebook page is in the condition or qualified for verification then by doing few settings it will increase chances of getting verified. I already explained about these settings in my article if you want to add please check out setting to verify Facebook page

Important Note:-
Facebook is not accepting further Manual request for verification at this moment. Please wait until Facebook start accepting requests again. Sorry for inconvenience (Updated 18-Sept-2014)

Manual Verification Request Process.
If you believe that your page should match with Facebook verification terms but you are not able to get verified automatically then only way to get your page verified is manual process. But According to Facebook they are not accepting Request for verified publicly.

Yes its true Facebook is not accepting request from audience but through Agencies, PMD’s or other networks agents which who are dealing for verification. So to get verified you have to contact any agency for verification then they will charge their fee and do all process for manual verification. But recently Facebook Update Form to submit request for manual verification. Just need to select your page and your ID proof. If your page will be eligible then Facebook will accept your page verify it.

Verification Form

Open this Verification form from that account in you which are Admin of that particular page. You will receive response via email from Facebook within 24-48 hours.

Documents For Verification.

If Your Page is about any Celebrity, Artist, journalist or about any famous personality Facebook need Government proof of that person. Acceptable documents are Passport, License or other of same person.
If Your Page is about brand then you have provide various kind of document which we will discuss via email.
What Type Pages Are Not Acceptable.?

Pages which are based on.
Website, Blogs, Business, Locations, communities and many more which are not acceptable. If you have Facebook page of this type then sorry your page will not be verified until Facebook start verification for these sectors.

Find This Facebook  Page Verification Guide Interesting?

We have covered a lot of how to guides, you can read about them here. Also, watch our video covering some of the best how to guides about tech. By using this guide, you can easily able to verify facebook business page if it is Celebrities, Journalists,Government Officials, Popular Brand or Businesses categorized. if you like this guide? Let us know in the comments box.

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